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empath 6.3
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Here are two of the latest features included in emPath®.

Privacy Tracking

Now Solutions’ innovative new Privacy Tracking feature is the first to address a growing demand among organizations worldwide to ensure the confidentiality their employees’ personal information. NOW’s privacy feature helps you build and track your organization’s privacy initiative beginning at the rationale and planning stage. emPath® Privacy automates the collection of employee granting, denial, or withdrawal of consent to share specific personal information and allows you to see a complete history of an employee’s consent status and associated events. You can track who is responsible for enforcing your policy at any given time, the nature of their responsibility, and what employee data they are responsible for. An unlimited number of different employee populations may be defined in cases where additional policy restrictions may apply to specific groups of employees.

Here are some of the features provided:

  • An unlimited number of privacy policies and policy purposes may be defined, each with its own effective date range 
  • Employee groups may be defined using various criteria and associated with one or more policies 
  • An unlimited number of events associated with a policy may be recorded in order to provide an audit trail as the policy evolves, becomes ratified, and deployed 
  • Impact statements may be defined for confidential data, detailing the impact to the employee or employer if consent to share that information is not granted by the employee or is withdrawn 
  • Tracking and definition may be done down to the individual field level (i.e., each piece of confidential information to be collected) or some fields may be grouped 
  • Responsibility for specific data may be assigned to an individual and its collection method and retention period defined 
  • One or more consent forms may be defined and automatically presented to employees when they log into emPath® Employee Self Service 
  • Employee consent, denial of consent, or withdrawal (or renewal) of consent are recorded by emPath® and maintained historically 
  • Impact statements may be automatically displayed to employees who deny or withdraw consent and the employee’s reason(s) and comments are recorded 
  • An unlimited number events associated with an employee’s consent status may be recorded 

Web-based Time Clock

NOW Solutions’ compelling new software-based Time Clock feature provides the professional employee workplace with unparalleled flexibility and convenience compared to yesterday’s hardware-based time clock systems, swipe systems, and other standalone applications. The feature is completely web-based and allows any employee with access to either a shared or individual PC the ability to clock in and out, record break begin-end times, denote work activity and cost center, and even record exception time events, all subject to manager and payroll department approval.

NOW’s feature is designed to leverage software’s inherent flexibility and is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. Says President/CEO Marianne Franklin, “We recognize that when it comes to timekeeping rules and policies, there can be almost as much complexity and variance -- even within the same organization -- as there is with payroll rules. This is why we believe software flexibility is the key to addressing customer needs in this area.”

Here are just some of the benefits the Time Clock feature provides:

  • Employee clock transactions may be made subject to manager and/or payroll department approval 
  • Employees may use the feature to record changes during the day in terms of their work activity and/or cost center 
  • An unlimited number of break types, cost centers, and work activities may be defined 
  • Managers may view employee time translations in detail or summary form, and they may correct, approve, or reject individual time clock transactions 
  • An unlimited number of employee populations may be defined, each with different rules for whether and how time and exception time may be used 
  • Premium pay (overtime, double time, and callback) may be controlled separately for each activity type 
  • Flexible rounding rules allow you to define what increment(s) to use in recording each time segment clocked 
  • Automatic clock-out feature may be set up in case an employee forgets, or is unable, to clock out 
  • Rules define whether employees are eligible for callback pay, minimum hours paid when called back, and any excess hours employee must work to qualify for premium pay 
  • Rules for overtime allow you to define daily or pay period thresholds 
  • Flexible setup allows you to define shifts and rules for shift differential calculations 
  • Optionally, you may allow employees to record exception time (sick days, etc.) which may be subject to an approval or notify a manager 
  • Optionally, breaks may be preset and automatically accounted for, relieving employees of the need to record their own breaks 
  • Managers can easily determine which employees have not entered time, and workflow rules may be defined to provide reminders or notifications in the event of missing or irregular time entries 

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