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licensing options

NOW Solutions offers a range of flexible licensing options for emPath®, so you can select the approach that is best for your organization. Whether you want to deploy your application in-house or through its Software-as-a-Service offering, NOW Solutions will work with you to deliver the best possible result.

Our HRMS application is specifically designed for use in a web environment. emPath® can be accessed just as easily over a secure internet connection as it can through your internal network, and the application offers the advanced security, reach and ease of maintenance that you will need for enterprise-wide deployment.

In-House Offering
With the in-house option, the emPath® software is installed and managed at your own facility or data center. You will have control over the physical deployment of the application, but still benefit from the low maintenance overhead and robust application security offered by our web-based system.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Offering
Our HRMS solution offered as a Software as a Service allows you to benefit from all of the advantages of using our application, without the overhead of managing the software and hardware environments.

NOW Solutions installs and manages emPath® for you at our hosting partner's world-class data centre, and provides the application maintenance required to keep your system running smoothly. You will benefit from rapid deployment, 24/7 access (subject to maintenance windows), periodic software updates, secured access and full service backup.

You can choose a standard implementation or should your needs be more complex, we can work with you to customize your system in order to fit your precise requirements.

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