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NOW Solutions is committed to the highest standards of practice in its management of all client-held and/or client provided information, including personal information, and any personal information collected for administrative purposes. NOW Solutions is proud to be a leader in the provision of privacy management tools for clients within NOW's software offerings.

In addition to meeting its own responsibilities with regard to managing personal information, NOW recognizes that its software is used throughout North America and by North American organizations operating overseas. NOW Solutions makes every reasonable effort to stay current on legislative changes in privacy laws, especially those in the United States and Canada.

During software implementation and/or support activities NOW Solutions representatives may have access to client-held information, including personal information about employees and associated others.

NOW Solutions provides a Privacy Management Plan to each client that includes a non-disclosure agreement and options for the limited access to all client-held and/or client provided information, including personal information. Every NOW Solutions representative has signed an agreement to protect and responsibly manage client-held and/or client provided information, including personal information.

"Personal information" means all information about an identifiable individual except business contact information (name, address, phone, fax, e-mail). For further information about NOW Solutions' privacy policies, please contact NOW Solutions' Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) at:

Phone: 972.437.3339
Fax: 972.437.4768
Address: 101 W. Renner Road, Suite 300, Richardson, TX 75082

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