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As we grow, we are always looking for dynamic new talents  |  At NOW Solutions, you get the opportunity to do what you enjoy -- and, just as important, enjoy what you do. Admit it. You want more out of a job than just good pay. You want a chance to make a difference. Be creative. Leave your mark. Be part of something big. What's it like to work at NOW Solutions? We asked employees from all areas of our business to tell us about the rewards and the challenges. Here's what we heard.

- You can be yourself and be valued for your individualism -- as long as you work well on teams with people who have diverse perspectives.
- You'll work with interesting people on exciting projects (implementations, programs, projects) -- always with something new to learn.
- The work you do will continually stretch and challenge you -- sometimes beyond your immediate comfort zone.
- There is a diverse range of opportunities at NOW Solutions -- whether you work in development, consulting, sales, marketing, or corporate services.
- You'll work with world-class organizations as they improve their HRIS solutions to attract, motivate, and retain top talent.

We think you can tell a lot about our "family" culture by the people we invite to join our team. We look for people who:
- Can manage multiple projects and competing priorities
- Like a fast pace and easily adapt to change
- Understand that there's more than one way to accomplish almost anything

We expect a lot from our people, because we know that our success as a best-of-breed HRIS solutions provider depends on them -- and that success requires a healthy work environment.

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