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"The customer is always right."  |  Hear what our customers have to say about NOW Solutions, emPath™, and our employees.

"Just wanted to share another success story with our emPath® product. We needed to audit any changes to employees, deductions, etc. Within a couple minutes, we were able to turn on emPath® auditing and review these changes. Our HR director can audit these changes with just a couple clicks, print them out, or export them to Excel.
This is just what we needed! Thanks for thinking of your customers' needs."
John W., IT Manager, Farmers Cooperative

"I would also like to add my thanks to you and your team. Your response to our wants and needs is unparalleled."
Denton H., President, Consulting Firm
On behalf of a Manufacturing Customer

"We are a not-for-profit long-term care facility with approximately 1,500 employees. We are using emPath® as our HRMS system and find it a very powerful tool. The formula and table driven application allows us the flexibility to easily handle 9 union contracts and 15 site locations. The Web-based product has also enabled us to cut our payroll processing time by 50%. Process changes have also had a positive impact on our entire organization. emPath™ works seamlessly with Crystal Reports and SQL, allowing us to produce exact reporting on any number of levels. The possibilities are endless!"
Sheilagh S., HRIS Administrator

"We have received superior service from the NOW Solutions group. The staff is always eager to assist and the consultants are quite knowledgeable..."
Christina Z., Director of Information Services, Service Bureau

"Our Company was required to replace our non-compatible Y2K system with an application that would allow flexibility for expansion and growth. With excellent customer service and a reliable and responsive support team, we were able to successfully implement the HR/Payroll system in a very short time frame. NOW Solutions has provided us with the ability for detailed collection of data as well as the functionality to support the complexities of payroll for an environment of over 20,000 employees and 150 collective agreements."
Connie C., HR/Payroll Applications Coordinator

"NOW Solutions takes the fear out of implementing large-scale complicated payrolls. The flexibility of the application allows the customer to maintain his or her own system and when you run into a problem, the friendly, knowledgeable customer support team is there to help. NOW Solutions listens to their customers when they talk. They foster the communication process through its user community, while building support networks for those with unique requirements and the emPath novice. The product development and customization group listened to our needs when implementing business requirements that were necessary for the customer. Thanks NOW Solutions!"
Lu T., Payroll Manager

"The very fact that you listen to, and value, input from your clients speaks volumes about you ... Keep up the great work!."
Sue J., Manager Systems and Scheduling, Community College

"The decision to purchase emPath™ from NOW Solutions is that the product fits within the strategic initiative of our hospital in becoming one of the technology leaders in Healthcare."
Lars P., Human Resources Consultant

"The support staff, no -- all the staff -- at NOW Solutions, are competent, friendly, supportive, knowledgeable and forthcoming. They have no problem ferreting out a client's problem, determining the cause, and assisting in the solution. They welcome input, appreciate assistance from field, are open in giving information and a real joy to work with."
Dana R., Supervisor Applications Development and Support, National Defense

"When the School Board made the decision to implement a fully integrated HR/Payroll system we had three priorities: (1) the system of choice must provide the critical components determined by our needs analysis with minimal customization, (2) our implementation plan must include expert advise and assistance from the service provider, and (3) a client-centered philosophy must be evidenced by the service provider's track record. The product, staff and associated experts at NOW Solutions met all three priorities with flying colors. Human Resources Services of our School Board is proud of the relationship we have built together with NOW Solutions. It is a relationship of mutual respect, commitment to service and quality."
Judy C., Coordinator Human Resource

"Just wanted to recognize your support and patience with our emPath implementation effort. We could not have been successful without your help. It is hard to determine the appropriate measure of thanks, because you all contributed to an important aspect of the project, we just wanted to let you know that you are appreciated."
Martin K., Supervisor Business Systems, National Defense

"We have really enjoyed working with NOW Solutions. It's nice to get an occasional phone call from NOW Solutions just to see how year-end is going, or how everything is working. Our year-end support has been exceptional, and we expect another smooth year. Thanks for your super service!!"
John W., Information Services Manager, Farmers Cooperative

"The creation of the Authority in late 2001 provided us with the unique opportunity to integrate the many healthcare services across our Region. This opportunity also presented us with some unique challenges in managing our human resources and payroll information. Our partnership with NOW Solutions enables us to provide human resources and payroll services to a vast and geographically diverse region in a more cost effective manner. Providing value-added human resources and payroll services to over 6,000 healthcare professionals, from 16 former health organizations into one unified body, is now possible with emPath™."
Evelyn D., Vice President Human Resources, Health

"The Medical Center has been running the NOW Solutions Payroll/Human Resources application software since 1999. We have engaged with the technical and application consultants, they are extremely knowledgeable on the product. The support team offers high quality support and responds very quickly to our issues."
Rodney E., Chief Information Officer

"The NOW Solutions payroll system's greatest feature is its formulas, we are able to implement changes quickly and without the high cost of consultants. In these days of constant change this is extremely important. Everyone I have dealt with at NOW Solutions has been friendly, responsive, experienced with the products, and enthusiastic. They are always looking for feedback from their customers."
Johanne S., Business Analyst, Health Care Group

"NOW Solutions has helped our Company implement a fully integrated Human Resources/Payroll product. NOW Solutions' commitment to providing quality software, consulting services, and customer support has been evident throughout this process. We look forward to continuing our outstanding relationship with NOW Solutions."
Matt K., Applications Manager
Annette V., Systems Analyst, Health Organization

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